2015 Ford Explorer

Review of the Ford Explorer 2015 , Latest pictures and videos of Sport & Limited & Basic Models.

Fancy a stylish SUV which looks like no other? Than the 2015 Ford explorer is the one for you, not only It has great ride quality it’s also super fuel efficient since it’s a cross-over based car not truck-based like some of its rivals.

The price of the 2015 explorer starts right around $30k mark for the base model and up to $40k for more up-market Limited Model, all of the models however have 7seats which is great if you are looking for a stylish family car!

Surely the performance of this beast should also  be nice? And indeed it is, you get a 3.5 liter V6 which may sound like a large thristy engine in a car-based suv however that’s simply not the case, you get best of the both worlds in this ford explorer 2015 model, fuel efficient engine and true joy of driving it!2015 ford explorer


Not only it looks simply Stunning from outside it has got one of the largest cabin spaces in the SUV segment, and the interior also is rather nice looking,infact It has to be one of the best interiors ford has ever released for their cars, it truly feels like it would be interior of much more expensive car such as BMW or Mercedes for example, plus the optional 2 sunroofs makes the cabin feel very roomy and it’s a pleasure to drive even when sitting in third row as you still get plenty of leg space.

However when you are looking to haul some larger stuff you can fold down the rear seats 100% flat and now you get a HUGE van to carry even the largest objects!

2015 ford explorer (2)

The all new 2015 ford Explorer has all the bells and whistles you can imagine in a car nowadays,  although if you are looking for  a true off-roader this isn’t as rugged as it looks and is more suited for on-road driving and only light off-road which will be fine for 99% of the potential buyers of the 2015 explorer , Also if you want to use this only as city car with tight parking spaces you should probably look for something smaller as this truly is a HUGE car, however even it’s as large as some of the truck based cars on the road it feels superb smooth and you don’t get a bumpy ride like with similar competitors.

Is this 2015 Ford Explorer For me?

If you are looking for truly spacious and airy cabin which oozes luxury and want a large Reliable car which will get you anywhere while not eating too much fuel than this car is definitely For you!